Chitty is a replica style Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car, built on a Landrover. We have driven overland to Australia from the Isle of Wight in the U.K. we drove Chitty through 17 countries including Iran, India and Cambodia.The objective was to Raise money for the Earl Mountbatten Hopice in Newport on the Island, Help to raise funds for Muliple Sclerosis and all wildlife through the WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. We have completed a diary of our overland adventure and have written the complete story in a book titled Port out Starboard Home. Now available to download on Amazon Kindle.
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Chitty has been very busy. not only has she driven through 17 different countries all the way across the world to Australia and then right across the outback from east to west, she has driven across Europe to Monte-Carlo. After a few laps flying round the Grand Prix circuit and taking tea with the Monaco monarchy, well in spirit anyway! She follow Mediterranean coast into spain and over the Pyrenees into the Principality of Andorra. In aid of charity, raising funds for the Earl Mountbatten hospice on the Isle of Wight , Cancer Research, Muliple Scelorosis and the World Wildlife fund.
Chitty was photographed flying over the Isle of Wight just before the volcanic ash filled the sky. This was a test flight before embarking on our overseas trips.
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